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In the shade of the Vesuvius, coffee is not simply a “drink”, but an actual ritual. Coffee in Naples dates back to the early 1800’s, when walking coffee makers strolled around the city with a pot full of coffee and milk, and with a basket of cups and sugar to offer a quick breakfast to Neapolitans. Even today coffee is a shared ritual. If you host a guest, it is a moral obligation to offer him good homemade coffee; If you meet a friend on the street, this is a good excuse to go to a bar.

And there are those who consider it an intimate moment, as Eduardo de Filippo said in the comedy “These ghosts”: “I, for example, would give up anything except this cup of coffee, sipped quietly, out here on the balcony, after waking up from a quick nap after lunch. And I have to make it myself, with my own hands”.

Naples is not the home of coffee, but in the collective imagination certainly the best coffee is Neapolitan! Some say that it is because of the water, others that the secret is enclosed in the particular toasting mixture, darker than the others. There are, then, some little things to keep in mind! The coffee maker should not be washed with soap or detergent, but only rinsed with boiling water.

The more you use the coffee machine, the more the flavor soaks in, and if you wash it with soap everything will be lost. Coffee should be sipped calmly, in a small ceramic or glass cup, never in plastic and it must meet the rule of the four Cs, that is to be rich (carico), warm (caldo), comfortable and short (corto). Better bitter, to savor the aroma to its fullest. And finally, before coffee in Naples, you drink a glass of water: your mouth needs to be cleaned to taste it completely..